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Originally Posted by USP45usp
I do need to get an inexpensive alarm system for the windows and the front/back door as well as maybe start looking into getting a small "yippy" dog
You can buy the small entrypoint alarm units made by First Alert at Home Depot and the like for about $9.99 per four units. These are battery run units that use the standard magnetic switch technology that's been around for years. Mount the alarm unit on a door/window frame and the magnetic part on the door/window. Moving the two parts away from each other triggers the alarm. The down side is that you have to manually switch on/off each unit. You can, if desired, use the sticky tape to mount the alarm unit to the window frame. Since I have sliding windows and 2 sliding glass doors, during the summer it's better to use velcro so you can position the door part way open for ventilation but allow it to trigger if it's opened enough for a person to enter. (or shift it to alarm the screen door). Not as loud as a professional system but for some places this is will work fine.

Comments for others;
I'd be sure to have some way of knowing that the house has been entered (alarm, dogs, a tin can with a dozen marbles, whatever). Once that is noticed, prepare for an intruder. I live alone so meeting anyone in the house besides my shadow will result in loud noises.

I'm less worried about the crashing front door than I am about someone entering the home by stealth. Especially in warm weather where entry points are more of an opportunity.
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