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My method for HD is if i here the BG busting in down stairs i would get up get my shotgun out from under the bed stoke a round in it and get wife my makarov out of the nightstand and on the phone to cops"the phone is on her side". This all takes around 4 seconds with BG in the hous it could take longer. My shot gun has a light on it so i would turn it on and stand at the top of the stairs and state that i had a gun and if i see you, You are gona get shot. Hopefully he would run away if he didnt and i saw him he is gona get shot in the head, my gun paterns realy good with bucks shot "about the size of a mans head" and i very profeciant with a scatergun i shoot a minimum a case a week wether it be skeet, sporting clays.
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