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Practical application of judo.

I've found judo to be a lifesaver on numerous occasions. Most importantly, I was able to take a good fall in a bad motorcycle accident, walking away with only scrapes & bruises. There have also been a few times when people have tried to grab me and regretted it. I've also done some boxing, but have never needed to strike anyone, as the only times I couldn't avoid a fight were cases when I was grabbed by surprise.

In one case, my assailant tackled me around the knees from behind, but I was able to remain upright by holding onto a city trashcan. I turned around I sent him sprawling onto his back. He shook it off, & was ready for more, but his buddy stopped him with a hand on his chest & a shake of his head. The buddy I was hanging out with that night thinks I'm Jackie Chan now. lol


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