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Geesh! You sure want a lot for your dime. Dogs are individuals, just like people. So, on an individual basis, many different breeds may potentially have the "perfect dog." If you find one - please let me know. I'd like to be your Hollywood agent.
OK, all kidding aside: If you start trying this or that breed expecting the dog to do this or be that, you are probably going to have a lot of disappointments, as well as a lot of dogs that get taken to the shelter. As a lot of people already know, I'm more of a cat person; but I do have a dog that I am absolutely daffy about. Not because of what he can do, but just because he is who he is. He's a pitbull terrier I rescued from a fighting ring when I was the shelter Vet. I'm not suggesting you get a pitbull (although you could certainly do worse), but I am suggesting that you keep an open mind, and make a few trips to the shelter to look at adult dogs (WYSIWYG).
There's a good chance you'll find a companion there that makes you wonder what you ever did without them.
Good hunting
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