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Safety of Reduced 30/06 Loads

In the interest of lower recoil equating to more time spent shooting, I have been loading 27 grains of SR4759 behind Hornady's 110gr. V-Max bullet, tamping a small bit of tissue into the brass to keep the powder down near the primer.
This load has been very accurate, and chronographs consistently around 2500 fps out of my Savage 30/06. I know this is considerably slower than most of my manuals recommend for that particular bullet, but is there any danger in having a KaBoom with these loads? I read somewhere recently that you shouldn't use pistol powder for reduced rifle loads. This load seems to work great in my gun, and the recoil is mild enough that I can shoot all day with no discomfort. I was also thinking of getting some Alliant 2400 for the same purpose.
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