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Bill, GREAT questions:

1. Why "put down" the .45 to get the shotgun? Presuming you're not wearing sweats or elastic waistband pants, why not retain possession of the short gun while the 12-bore is used?

I don't have the shotgun chambered and it's a pump. If I get to the door and lock it (which I can do quickly) then I'm looking at real close and personal range and the shotgun should (would) do the job. Pistol will be within reach if I need it but I have 7 shells in the shotgun and shouldn't need it.

2. With your solid-wood doors, if you think a 12 gauge with buckshot won't penetrate it from 12 feet, why do you assume a .223 bullet will penentrate the wood?

I don't but when my grandfather was alive (many, many years ago) he managed to put a .22 mag through the door so I figure that the .223 should work since it is going faster but I don't really know and I'm not willing to test it out

3. Flashlight - Xeon bulbed preferred. Where is yours? Unless you live alone and a neat housekeeper things can move around, especially cell phones, shoes, slippers, etc. And you can use the bright beam to momentarily blind someone in near darkness.

I forgot about this. I have a 4 D-Cell Mag light. Not only for use to see but can double as a club. I don't plan on walking through the house.

4. Others in the house? What are your plans to move them to your safest room?

No others but a cat and she's in the room with me at night. If she does get out before I get to the door then I feel sorry for the intruder (yes, she does attack).

5. Presuming you barricade in your bedroom (1st floor or 2nd?) but the BG(s) don't bother you except to prowl the rest of the house. Your cell phone call results in rapid PD response. How do you let the cops in (presuming the BG didn't crash the front door)?

1st Floor. I can open the window and hand the keys to the police but I also have a key lock box in a hidden place on the house. It doens't look like a lock box. I can tell the LEO's the combo (can change it afterward).

The window can be covered in case the intruders are multiple, I have clear sight of both the door and the window from my cover. My cover consists of a very old and very heavy (thick wood) dresser.

I will admit that I don't have all the answers, that is why I am so interested in what others have done. I have some advantages (like real solid doors) but some disadvantages like window that are old and easily broken . Those are going to be replaced this summer.

Also, I have to get to the bedroom door. I usually come awake quickly at the sound of things in the house but I can't rely on that. The guns both have night sights and I've practiced grabbing it. I also have the 4-D mag. right at my hand to I can use it like a club.

I do need to get an inexpensive alarm system for the windows and the front/back door as well as maybe start looking into getting a small "yippy" dog (don't have the room in the house or outside for a medium or large sized dog and my uncle already has two so that narrows down what I can get and have without overcrowding at the moment).


*Forgot to add: I also have a motion detection light over my front door. I can't see the back yard from my room so I don't have one back there.

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