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I keep my GP-100 loaded with .38 spl Hydra-Shok's in a handprint safe on the nightstand. I also keep a Surefire G2 Nitrolon flashlight, a Spyderco knife, and a 2 speed loaders on the other shelf.

Before I go to sleep I put my cell phone which is programmed to dial 911 by holding 9 in the safe.

I'm going to be adding a deadbolt to my bedroom door soon.

For PD I'm still waiting on my CHL to be approved. Once I get it I will have a 9mm in the truck and a .380 or 9mm pocket gun for ocassional carry. Since I got to a public University I won't be able to carry a majority of the time.

Edited: Added PD
Ruger GP-100 4" .357 Magnum
Remington 870 Express Pump 20 ga.
Ducks Unlimited Single Shot 20 ga.
Sheridan Pellet Rifle .20 caliber w/ 4x scope
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