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Home Defense (HD) and Personal Defense (PD)

I was just wondering what the members thought about my choices and plans (yeah, I know, plans are planned and then they don't work ) for Home Defense setup and Personal Defense setup:

Home Defense: First, some background. I live in the country with the nearest house technically being right next door (my uncle) but all the others being a safe distance and not in line, with mine. So, in deciding my HD plan and guns I've come up with:

Kimber 1911 .45 or HK USP .45 (I love them both so I let each sit sentry every other week) on night stand.

Kimber/HK to shotgun 12ga and bedroom door. Lock bedroom door (only has a deadbolt, there are no handles or knobs on it) and then put down .45 and rack 12ga shotgun.

(now, I have to intervine to give more information. This house is old and the doors are real. As in, they are solid doors. Shotgun may, or may not punch through. And also, the bedroom door opens OUT, not in so if they are kicking on it to get in, I have the benefit of the door hitting the frame).

So, if they decide to give up trying to get in (I'm already on cell to 911) then I just wait for the LEO's. If they decide to keep on trying then I load up the AR-15 and then fire through the door and hopefully kill the SOB (hey, if they keep on trying then I know that they wish to kill me and now it's a fear of death thing).

On Personal Defense: I either carry the Kimber or the HK. Yes, it took some time and effort to find the right rigs in which to carry them and I'm still looking for better setups (I'm 150lbs and have no meat (or muscle) on my body ). I have carried smaller guns in the past and my BUG (if I carry it, as with any mechanical device, I don't have 100% trust in them) is a .44 Special which I think can do the job.

Now, I know that everyone has their own setup for HD and PD. I am very interested in knowing what they are.

And I also realize that many can't afford the AR or the HK or the Kimber (and it's taken me over 14/15 years in which to get them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyone or what they can afford or have) and have their own style of defense. I'm interested in knowing.

And I know that many can't, because of frame of body or other factors, carry a full sized .45, and the weight of, everyday. So I wonder what plan that you've made for yourself for PD.

And lastly, if this is a "beat the poor dead horse to death" then please tell and I will understand and ask for removal.

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