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I can't believe that I started this post/thread that long ago and just now (last month) finally got around to subscribing instead of going into town to get a copy every now and then .

People who have read and replied to this post are probably wondering why I haven't commented in so long, so here goes:

Been paying off debts that when I was in one of my "moods" I got on the computer and spent way more then I had (damn credit ).

I've been trying to add to the board in general, while trying to do what Rich has advised "Attack the message, not the person" (as in, attack the message with logic and sources and leave any personal feelings at the door). I am, in essence, relearning civility and conduct while on the boards. I have been on the boards for many, many years and last year I totally lost it, started to attack members, and thus, got banned. Entirely my fault. (not this board, others. If I start the poop that I started on the others, I fully expect and know that I will be banned here as well, them's the rules, no matter if you're a subscriber or not)

This year has started well for me, money wise, and attitude wise. So, since I did start this post, it was up to me to "put my money where my month is". So I did. I had enough to go for the two year subscribtion but you can bet your last dollar that I will be going for the three year when renewal comes around.

And another thing that I don't think that many here, that haven't subscribed, has as a benefit over all the other mags, you have personal "face to face" access to the people that run and edit . And I can tell you from experience, the service is fast.

Now, I don't mean for anyone to begain to think of themselves as armchair managers and editors, it don't work that way. Ideas could maybe be sent but don't think that you are now a stock holder .

I just thought that I owed Rich and Denny an explanation of why it took as long as it did (because I did come off pretty agressively on the very first post) to finally subscribe. And to the members that have read this post/thread, who have subscribed based on it, and were probably wondering why I hadn't subscribed as of yet (but have now).

Life is good, my mood is better, and I am happy. So I figured that I could only add to my good start of the year with a subscribtion that will come to me instead of me having to go to it .

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