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I don't have an opinion, however would like to hear the reason behind your response.
The reason you're a lot more likely to NOT be sued over a justified shooting is because lawyers don't like to work for free. Very few would take a case on a contingency basis when it's very likely he's going to lose. Many of them would take the case on an hourly basis, but it rarely happens because people don't want to pony up tens of thousands of dollars just to have their case tossed out before it even gets in front of a jury.

Those who say you're more likely than not to be sued after a justified shooting don't know what they're talking about. Those who say you WILL be sued are just lying. And those who say you're more likely than not to be criminally charged, or who say you WILL be criminally charged after a justified shooting are wrong and so paranoid that they should absolutely not be allowed to carry a gun. It's inexcusable for someone, especially a cop, who is teaching a CCW class to tell you that "you will be sued". You're paying him for his knowledge and if he tells you anything but the truth, he's either incompetent or lying.

Even if it is not the family of the BG, then someone else will step in and sue.
Like who?
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