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From the cases I've read about in Colorado ...

Our home defense (aka "Make My Day") law also protects us from civil liability. As long as we can prove the guy we laid out wasn't invited in by us and we had reason to believe he was there to commit a crime (prove the first point, the second one falls in line) nobody can sue you for your actions.

The police often take the homeowner in for questioning, but they generally are not charged and are released within hours (from what I've read in the paper). Of course the investigation is ongoing, but that's to be expected.

I tend to believe you can be sued for a shooting where no charges are filed, however. Kobe Bryant had all charges dropped against him so he is legally NOT GUILTY of rape, but even so he was sued in civil court and had to settle it.

Whatever you think of him, OJ Simpson was proved NOT GUILTY in a court and he was also successfully sued and stripped of pretty much all assets except for his $25,000 monthly annuity (which I could live off of fairly well).
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