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Forget the stun gun, they are useless. I have one and its more of a joke than anything else, and mind you this is a $60 100,000 volt stun gun. My friends always grab it when they are over my house and zap each other. I guarrantte if someone attacked me with a stun gun I could knock it away from them in a matter of seconds. I would sit all day long and get stunned with a stun gun before I take another shot of pepper spray to the face.

Ever worn wool socks on a carpet and touched a door knob? Thats about what a stun gun feels like.

EXCEPT the x26 tazer, but the drawback with that is YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT, if you miss the target your kinda screwed. Its an excellent police tool but not the best for civilian self defense.

Get her some FOX LABS pepper spray, not a keychain unit, but the full 2oz unit. The keychain units are too small, have too little spray, too little distance, theyre a bad idea.

DEFINITLY get 2 pepper spray units, one to keep and one to practice with. And BE SURE TO REPLACE THE CANISTER AFTER 2 YEARS from the date of purchase.
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