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16.8 grains of 2400 behind a XTP 240 gr. Hornady shoots darn near perfect out of my 12 inch Encore. Very manageable and very tight groups.

15 grains of 2400 behind a XTP 300 gr. Hornady shows promise as well from the same gun.

19, 19.5 and 20 grains of 2400 behind a Leadhead Keith 250 gr. bullet are still not as tight. I'm considering lowering the load down to 18 or 18.5 to see what happens.

Don't know the velocity of any of these but hope to chrony some day soon. If any of you have a ballistics program that might estimate it, I would appreciate the help.

Also wondering if powder reduction behind the lead bullet will cause any issues.

I do have to agree there is quite a bit of powder residue from the 2400 left over after each shot.


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