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Harry is right on

In the shooting that went down in Los Angeles where the BGs had full body armor on and full auto weapons, the City of Los Angeles, the officers involved and many others were sued by the mother of one of the BGs. He had been shot in the leg through a seem in the armor. With all the shooting going on, the officers were reluctant to stand up in the open and walk to the BG to give medical aid (go figure). He bled out before the scene was secure and the officers could give him medical help. Mother dearest thought that the officers should have rushed through automatic weapon fire to give medical aid to her poor little boy (who had been doing his level best to kill them).

Thankfully it was thrown out of court, but this is the way it works. If the BG has relatives, you will be sued. The upside is that you will still be alive which is what self defense is all about.
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