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Originally Posted by 1BadF350
Rich I wouldn't get that one...someone spilled ink all over him.
Oh, that's cold Cowboy! (Not mine though).

This breed reminds me of Aussies 20 years ago, before the AKC "recognized" and ruined 'em. The variations in coloring caused them not to even be recognized as a "breed". Hell, I didn't even know mine WAS an Aussie Shepherd until a trip out west. With the puppy mills that have sprung up, Aussies are being bred into genetically engineered, walking cripples. We did it to German Sheps; we did it to Dobies.

Catahoulas, though....they still seem to be pretty much overlooked and the best breeders are staunchly Anti-AKC. Variations in markings are extraordinary.
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