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Hornady Interbond has a history of success both in accuracy and performance on animals. I like the 165BT with 56 IMR4895. This is a very accurate load- 5/8" at 100yds. However the 190BT would be my choice for elk. It is more bullet.

My elk load is a 225gr Interbond with 75 gr of H4831 in my 338. This is very accurate in my Ruger-5/8" at 100yds. I had used a 250 Sierra BT but found jacket shedding problems at close range under 75yrd. In the end bullets perform if properly placed. No animal is water or jelly...This last season I took my bull at 30yds with a double lung first shot. At this very close range the bullet left an exit of about 2". No real expansion. The second shot through the shoulders put him down. My tracking job 10yds...I like that.
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