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Is it legal to "hint" what is on your hip?

I know that brandishing is illegal and will quickly get your CCw license taken away if the jerk decides to call the cops on you. But, say someone is threatening you and you feel like a confrontation is already in progress. After you say, hey man I dont want any trouble. Then the guy hell bent on proving his machoness, says "well you got a f-in problem now b*tch"

Would it be a good idea to put your hand into "ready to draw position" without actually reaching in for your gun, and say" you might want to rethink your assault on me, now I am asking you again to leave me alone"

What are your thoughts on this? I just am very leary of the thought of all or nothing. Retreat, or shoot. There has to be a way to let them know you arent the helpless victim that they assume you are, otherwise they wouldnt be threatening you.
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