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Being the consummate "Average Joe," a confirmed High Drag Low Speed operator, and having just reupped for a 3 year subscription, I figure I'd put my two cents in.

The areas covered by SWAT that are of academic interest only to the non-uniformed civilian readership are actually few and far between. The vast majority of the articles (even those involving restricted items or far away lands) are of benefit because most everything is relatively available and the tactics regarding their implementation are just as valid for us all. No, most of us won't be clearing a house or cave of insurgents unless something goes disastrously wrong on the home front, but I'd say more than one of the subscription base has or will have to find out what caused that rather loud thump between your room and the kids' room.

Additionally, the wealth of knowledge of the writers and their ability to communicate it effectively is absolutely worth the price of admission.
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