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Depends on where you live, Red State/Blue State or Rural/Urban. I once testified before a grand jury that was hearing the case of a woman who heard noise in her back yard at 0 dark thirty and investigated. It was three youts where were stealing her firewood. She stepped infront of their pick up and when they started forward she launched a .357mag round down range and in doing so the round passed thru the windshied of the pickup and out the back window. After this the youts only wanted to comply with her wishes and were only too pleased to do anything she wanted them to.

This is a case that happened in rural Texas. The lady's life was in jepordy and they were committing theft during the night time and the property could not be recovered by any other means. In Texas this justified the use of Deadly Force.
The Grand Jury said "Good Job" and sent her on her way with a Letter of Commendation for stopping Felons from Committing a Criminal Act.

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