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Do any of you guys train with a mirror?

I was practicing drawing and dry firing in the mirror today. I was wondering how many of you guys use a larger mirror(bady length or bigger) to train? When you look into the mirror you get a normal sized reflection to aim at.....the distance you end up with is double the distance to the reflected image....I like to try at the actual distances of 3yds, 7yds, and 15yds...Which appear in the mirror doubled out to about 6yds, 15yds, and 30 yds .....I also do muscle memory with my holster pulls in rapid succesion...usually 15-20 in a row or until I feel my muscles start to weaken....Each time pull from the holster I aquire a sight picture and then either re-holster or place the firearm along side the holster but not inside to get the same feel.....I also have a shirt that has a circle in the vital zone that I wear while doing these drills.....I usually start wiht com shots and then do the specialty shots like nervous system and then pelvis.....

I have noticed big increase in my target aquiring at all distances and my trigger pull has gotten much cleaner.....If you have the means, give it a try
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