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Austin Charles
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Well Sturm, Just how much is Ft. Worth TX. worth?

Here is what Kayser wrote in another thread....Sounds like you just might be giving those Lee dies a try after all

I hit the gun show today and picked up a bunch of stuff, and then rounded out what I needed with an order from MidwayUsa. This time next weekend I should be looking at a fully setup rig. Whee!

Anyways, here's what I came up with:

Lee Challenger Press: $34.95
Redding 3 Powder Measure: $115.95
RCBS 502 powder scale: $56.99
Lee 4-die 45 ACP set: $26.89
Lee Auto-primer: $14.95
Auto-primer shellholder set: $16.95
Frankford Arsenal case tumbler: $48.95
10# treated corn cob media: $9.50
Frank Arsenal standard caliper: $20
Forster Original case trimmer: $59.99
Hornady Case Care kit: $24.95
3 100 ct 45 case holder boxes: $8.85
Hornady Reloading Book Set: $44.95

750 Hornady 230gr FMJ-RN: $68
250 "generic" 230 gr FMJ: $23.50
1000 ct Winchester WLP primers: $14.95
1# Unique powder: $14.95

Total cost : ~$605, including enough components for 1000 rounds. I -think- that covers all the bases, but I'm sure I missed something. I'm gonna make some homemade shell holders for seperating out primed/charged cases during the loading process.

This is gonna be fun
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