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Thanks for that shared memory of your father (the Full Bird). I was lucky enough to meet a few guys that sound a lot like your dad. I didn't enter the AF until 85 though. Sorry to hear the dumb a** group were enlisted Air Force. I have no idea what came of their fate. I would just guess if they were lucky enough to finish the tour of duty they darn sure didn't get a chance to re-up. Myself being an enlisted airman then an NCO I would like to take this moment to apoligize for these dirt bags actions. I would guess they likely had a little cider on the drive out to the woods. Too bad it had to spoil your hunting trip. However, sounds like your father made it a great trip by taking the time to iron out the wrinkles (so to say) back at Wurtsmith. I liked that base. I did two tours of duty there.

May I suggest if you have time write down short stories of your father, you and all the things that you might forget in the years to come. You could pass it on to your kids or other family members. I am going to do the same real soon. My dad was a tank commander on the Czech border. He served there after WWII was over. He had a lot of interesting stories of the Communist Soldiers on the other side of the fence. Some real tight and hair raisers.

Thanks again for your post....
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