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Expansion Tests

I posted this last summer on various boards. I'll see if I can find the threads I posted on the 165 interbonds I tested in the summer of '03 and post them here as well.

And the results are in------------well some of them anyway. I’ll call this my shake down cruise. LITERALLY! There is a bunch of energy being released when a bullet hits those jugs. The board I used to lay the jugs on started coming apart after the third hit. I ended up nearly breaking it in half! There went $30.00 worth of lumber and a couple hours and hardware to build. Back to the drawing board. Pics to follow.

As to the results, well here goes. I got to test 5 different bullets. 1. the 180 Hornady interbond. 2. the 180 Nozler accu-bond. 3.The 180 Hornady SST. 4.The 180 Remington core-loct round nose. 5. The 190 sierra match king.

Here’s the 3 Nozler accu-bonds

retained weight, 119.1, 121.7, 121.9 Expansion .875, .645, .665. Percentage of weight retention is around 67% The .875 is the one on the left with a piece of jacket sticking out, otherwise it would be like the other 2. Now for where a person has to choose one over the other,(AB over IB). All 3 AB’s went through 3 jugs and into the fourth. The interbond was found in the third jug, just like the 165’s I tested last summer.

Here’s the only interbond I could capture. Problems with the stand caused one other one to be lost in the grass. Retained weight 140.1, expansion .715, weight retention, 77%. Like I said it and the lost one only penetrated 3 jugs.

I had a partial box of 25 year old Rem core-locts sitting around. I thought, ”I wonder how the dark ages technology compares with today’s newest?” Well it fits between the interbond and accubond. Ret. Weight. 131.0 expansion .625, 72% retention. Also the prettiest most uniform mushroom of all.

No pics for the MK! Couldn’t find enough of 2 bullets to weigh or take pics of. Total disintegration! Same for the SST. Blown to pieces, just shards of lead and copper jacket in the last,(third), jug.

All loads were 68.5 grains of R-19, except the MK was 66.0 R-19. Velocities were between 3000 and 3050 fps @ 15 feet/muzzle.

Oh here’s the set-up;

This WAS a 10 X 2 , 6 feet long. The legs were nailed, screwed and gorilla glued to the notched ends of the board. All I have left are the legs! The board was cracked and nearly broken in half right under where the first jug was sitting. I screwed and gorilla glued 1 X 4 pine under the board to keep it from splitting lengthwise. Oh well, next time I may just make it out of steel!
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