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40MM HE Rounds

Hey Folks,
I've been reading these forums for a while now, and have finally gotten around to joining. This last weekend I had the oportunity to go play with a National Guard Infantry Unit at the Range. Somehow they had gotten a hold of some 40mm HE rounds for the 203, and we had quite a "blast". Needless to say I will never need viagra.
I've seen quite a few M79s and M203 for sale as DDs, and know that non-HE rounds are readily available. Yet what about live HE rounds? I know that they would be classified as DDs and be accompanied by the $200 transfer tax, but is there anywhere one could actually purchase some HE rounds? I've pondered on how effective they would be in ridding my ranch of its wild pig problem...........Any knowledge you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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