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dirty/fair fight

"I agree with almost all of the posts on this subject, but I have a problem with some of the terminology. The phrases "fight dirty" and "fair fight" should not
be allowed into this conversation. When you are fighting for your life, nothing is "dirty" fighting, "fair play" has no place in it, and I resent those terms being used to describe a life-or-death struggle."

The only fight that is dirty, is one I loose... It is my responsibility to be prepared and adhere to the instruction I have been given.

I was taught at a very young age to make it home for dinner and I intend to do that every day. (if you ever see my belly you will believe that I have not missed a meal )

Any fight is a fight for my life and I will not loose. It is that simple. I am not going to break somebodys neck if it is not required to win, and if possible I will run away but I will not loose the fight. More then likely the only time I would not be able to run away is if my wife and kids are with me. In that case any threat is going to be considered as deadly or an iminent bodily harm threat in my mind, and I will do whatever is needed to protect them.
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