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C.O.L., primer seating, overall weight questions.

After a super busy week and not being able to fiddle around, I finally seated my first 50 rounds of 45 ACP.

The load is : 5.4 gr unique, 230gr FMJ-RN bullet, 1.230" COL.

I found that it was harder than I thought to get the COL exactly right. I'd get the die adjusted to bang out 1.230 exactly. Then I'd get a round that came out 1.231 - 1.232. -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-, I'd think, and readjust. Then shortly after I'd get a round or two that were undersized 1.228 - 1.229. I eventually realized that I had a few rounds where the primer wasn't seated perfectly - generally due to being just a hair cockeyed. Hard to see even with the eye, but you could feel it when holding against the caliper. I used the Lee handheld autoprime job to seat the primers.

Anyways, most of the rounds came out exactly at 1.230". But a bunch were 1.231 or 1.229. And 2 or 3 rounds were 1.228. Are these variances ok (I can't imagine it's a problem)? Is there any good technique for getting the autoprime to seat things a little more consistently? Should I be a little more aggressive with the pocket cleaner tool?

I weighed the final rounds. With 5.4 gr of Unique, 230 gr bullets and one-fired brass which weighed around 87-89 grains I was expecting final weights around 325 grains. I weighed all the rounds and they all came in between 322 - 325 grains. I had one which was oddly overweight at around 330 gr, so I tossed it. Is this a pretty expected weight variance for this kind of load?

Next up - to crimp or not to crimp. Unfortunately, I'm out of town all next week on business, so it'll be some time before I can try these bad boys out.

Thanks for any input.
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