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Trust me if the bad guy's thought all 7-11 employees were armed,it would be the last place they would be visiting.
For a large percentage you're right, of course. But we tend to give BG's way too much credit. A lot of stupid guys out there who are going to present their 9mm right away and say ... "you feel lucky, 7-11 clerk? Well ... do you?" Or else they just pull the trigger without saying anything and get another gun.

For some BG's, knowing there is a gun in every 7-11 makes them more of a target instead of less.

You've got one minimum wage half spaced out guy working in an open counter with a gun at 3:00 a.m. Nothing separating him from the general public. 3 punks go in to buy cigarettes, they suddenly grab him, drag him over the counter, and then they're the ones with the gun.

Nope. If I owned 7-11's I would probably turn a blind eye if my clerk decided to carry concealed on his own, but unless he's in a secured area (where he can react to people before they can reach him) carrying only is of no real benefit. I would not want to carry openly if I was a 7-11 clerk.
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