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Just a side note. I was in a rush when I typed the reply above.

A coworker was carrying a firearm on a job for the company where I currently work. It was suggested by his management that the type of job he was doing made a firearm a useful accessory.

He had a negligent discharge which resulted in a fatality. The circumstances of the case were such that my coworker was not criminally liable. The family of the dead person sued the company in civil court, NOT my coworker--HE doesn't have any money. The case stalled because there was no evidence that his management had actually suggested or even knew that he was carrying a firearm while on company business.

When an email surfaced that showed both were true, the company settled out of court for 4 million. Now we have a strict no firearms policy. Not even locked in your vehicle on the company parking lot. Not even if you have a CHL permit.

It's all about money. Companies don't care anything about their employees--only their liability.
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