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Austin Charles
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I'm not going to flame away,

I am glad that Lee can put out a starter kit (anniversary kit) for people who want to see if they want to get into reloading. How many times have you wanted to try something and put out a s*hit load of cash to find out that you are not that into it? With Lee you can try your hand in reloading for a very small price.

I use a lot of the Lee products...Dies, trim guages, Powder measure, Classic Press. In fact I prefer my Lee powder measure for long powder over my RCBS The Lee does leak some for the fine powders.

I think that just about everyone (who stays with reloading) will upgrade a few things to make it easier on them, but Lee will get you a bullet made that will shoot down range and it will be much more accurate that any bought ammo. That is what Lee aims for and that is what they have accomplished.

I am also glad that Lee is out there, because they tend to keep the rest of the people's prices to a certain level.

I have to say that the scale that Lee put's out could be a little more user friendly. But it is accurate and will give you a accurate charge. It is just a little to cumbersome for my liking. But the powder measure can't be beat for the price.
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