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"I can't get the scale to calibrate to even know if the powder measure is throwing accurate charges."

Huh? It's a balance beam scale...set it down somewhere reasonably flat, set the indicator to 0.0, turn the brass knob till the end of the beam lines up with the level mark on the left. What's to screw up? Not to get personal, but the fact that the above procedure is too complicated for you could be an indication of why you can't get their other products to work.

Tired of Lee press just passed 10K rounds since I bought it in November last year. My first press, and I guarantee it'll smoke a 550B in both consistancy and output. OTOH, I RTFM, ya know? Dillons are mediocre presses that are overpriced. At least on my Loadmaster if a primer goes off it does not blow the whole stack like 3 people I know have personally done on their Dillons. Free replacement parts don't mean crap when you've got burns/blood blisters/worse on your hands.

Flame away boys...
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