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all that can happen is you lose your job. If you’re a hero and shoot the guy then that won’t happen, if you are shot and the BG flees and maybe you wounded them, then what? 7-11 gonna sue you? Nope, you were in fear of loosing your life. Will they pay for your defense? Yep, they can’t afford the bad publicity.
I agree that carrying is better than not but a bunch of this is incorrect.

1. If you shoot and are a hero you will still be fired because you acted contrary to 7-11 policy.
2. You will not be sued by 7-11 but you may be by the robber or the robber's family.
3. 7-11 will not pay for your defense because you acted contrary to 7-11 policy.
4. They're not afraid of bad publicity from firing you or not paying your defense, they care about MONEY. They're afraid that THEY will be sued by the robber/robber's family. By cutting all ties with you (firing you) and because you acted contrary to their policy, they can say that they have no responsibility for your actions and therefore be virtually immune from liability with respect to the robber.
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