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I've practiced "fighting dirty" ever since High school. If ya wanna take a poke at me it ain't gonna be pretty

Anyway, back to the question. I watched as the local Chief of Police, a guy about 6', 170lbs. was giving a class and as part of it he brought up a patrolman with a non-retention holster on his duty belt, about 6'4" and 265lbs.
After 3 checks for "clear" of his firearm by 3 different people the Chief explained to everyone that he was going to disarm officer Bob and turn his own gun on him. He explained this was going to happen very fast and officer Bob needed to be prepared to defend his firearm.
That said, 2 1/2 seconds later ol Bob was a bit astonished and staring down the barrel of his firearm.

If you have a non-retention holster maybe you shouldn’t keep bullets in it..
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