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I don't have kids either; just me and my girlfriend, who are both responsible adults and fully capable of using the firearms I own (a .38spl and a .45ACP). The .38spl stays loaded ALL THE TIME as a home-defense gun and is kept in a hidden location where it's not easily found, but readily accessible in an emergency. The .45ACP is carried with me during the day, but kept unloaded at night (magazine unloaded as well, for the same magazine spring reason as noted by Nortonics).

The only time both guns are left completely unloaded and locked up (integrated system on the .45, trigger and/or cable lock for the .38) is when we will be away from home for an extended period and cannot carry (i.e. traveling out-of-state).

Once I finally order a spare mag for the .45, I will probably keep one mag loaded, one empty at night and alternate which mag stays loaded from night to night.

Steamboat, as far as leaving your XD "cocked", I don't necessarily see how it's bad for the pistol. Then again, my Bersa is a DA/SA and when loaded, is with hammer down/safety on.

Sure, you can have my gun...BULLETS FIRST!

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