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Watching the video shots on TV of some 15 or so robberies of convince stores and seeing everything from BG shooting up the place and escapes to BG lays his gun on counter and Shop keeper picks it up and shoots BG to employee pulls gun from under counter and BG drops ball bat as she chases him out of store while emptying the mag to BG can’t open register so he tries to carry it of out of store and employee whacks him with a bottle of Cherry Vodka……… Well just too many real-life scenarios with varied outcomes.

Bottom line is it’s on tape, so as long as your reaction is justifiable why be concerned. As to Company policy’s I’d carry anyway. I mean what’s a 7-11 Corp guy gonna do, fire you? If you break their store policy all that can happen is you lose your job. If you’re a hero and shoot the guy then that won’t happen, if you are shot and the BG flees and maybe you wounded them, then what? 7-11 gonna sue you? Nope, you were in fear of loosing your life. Will they pay for your defense? Yep, they can’t afford the bad publicity.

I like to keep in mind the real possibility that if the SHTF it’s probably on tape, be it parking lot or inside a building. With that approach I have acceptable back-up to my story and all I need do is follow the rules of the State for using deadly force.

(but we don't have any 7-11's around here anymore. They closed due to the high incidence of robbery).
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