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that would be nice

"Do either of you folks write action novels or movie scripts? Good stuff!"

It would be cool if I could get paid for my desire to take personal responsibility for mine and my family's safety...

At the same time it would be great if the info helped anybody out of a bad situation. I have studied fighting since I was young - I don't call it martial arts, what I study is not artistic it is fighting.

Still the best method of retention is to not let the BG get in physical contact with you or your gun. Seems obvious I know, but often people do not consider that.

One of the first methods of formally taught defense I learned was - don't be there when the attack is made. Sounds kind of wimpy but it works very well - if the excrement is about to hit the fan, get you and yours out of there. Then it is far less likely to turn into a wrestling match for your firearm, unless it is also the favorite firearm of your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend, in which case you are SOL...
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