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Whaaat? While you was packing? Why even carry a gun then? If someone threatens violence you have to assume he'll step it up a notch and carry through if allowed. Don't encourage the criminal element by being permissive!
I know what you're saying ... I even mostly agree with you, my friend. But it's just not reality.

If I felt I was about to get stabbed or if the person didn't back down ... oh yeah! I'd defend myself.

But unless I'm defending my life, drawing a gun at a 7-11 is going to cause me more trouble than it's worth.

Places like 7-11 pretty much have a deal with the criminals; the clerks are unarmed and told not to resist, but there is never very much cash in the register.

If you owned all the 7-11's, would you want all of your clerk's armed? If so, BG's would know about it too and ALWAYS come in packing and/or shooting.

I'm not a "passive public" fan, but I understand why corporation think why they do. Write or wrong, passive is cheaper.

As for me ... I've got a wife, a mortgage, and a kid that depend on me. Not going to endanger that stability for the pleasure of taking 1 2-bit punk off the streets.
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