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A long time ago, I was taught that the arch on the top of your foot, and your toes are very, very vulnerable, . . . and, . . . have a tendency to emit real pain when they are hurt.

I have ever since, practiced and relied (because I virtually always wear boots with a very hard heel) on the idea of breaking the other's arch and or toes, whichever my falling foot lands on.

This works especially well if they are wearing tennies or something of that type.

A follow-up shot to the other knee (all weight will be on that leg by then) will put him/her down, . . . and only surgical precision will ever allow them to walk reasonably well again.

As an aside, . . . they will no longer be interested in you, your gun, your money, or anything else. The pain of a broken arch, several broken toes, and a knee joint that has been reversed, . . . will keep them well occupied until they can get to their lawyer.

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