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My use pistol only gets unloaded when I'm reloading, cleaning or preparing for transport.

All other pistols (1/2 doz) are in safe, unloaded, action open. That safe is bolted down bedside, and is electronic locking.

All ammo is in other safe. THAT safe is over 200lbs empty. With ammo...usually 3-4k rounds of 9mm, .45 & .22lr

Ammo safe is fire retardant (as it should be!), bedside safe is not.

I'm trying to work my way towards a big ol safe that will hold 12+ long guns, etc.

Rifles are also unloaded, in closet.

Magazines are locked up with ammo, not with guns. That way, if guns are accessed, it would take a leap of genius on one of my kids part to put that loose 9mm round into the chamber of my handgun/long gun and then fire it.

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