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Thanks for the very informative article on the MEU(SOC) 1911. Considering that this pistol has more myth and urban legend surrounding it than Sasquatch and the JFK Assassination combined, it's nice to have something that can be pointed to as "Definitive Source Material".

Also, the rest of the magazine continued to remind me just why it is I like SWAT so much. Rather than being the usual blend of spec sheets, tired cliches, and reviews that can't be told apart from the ads at twenty paces, SWAT seems to maintain its focus on doing stuff, rather than simply the stuff itself. In any given month Ultimate Combat American Handguns For Law Enforcement might teach me that Taurus has released a new caliber in their small-frame revolvers, while SWAT might teach me some new techniques to use with my flashlight, or an entirely new way to look at fighting with a carbine. Nice.
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