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Thanks, Scotty, very appropriate. So, from your data, it looks like the 2" barrel doesn't slow things down much, eh?

Poygan, my goal is to learn what are the most appropriate (accurate without too much recoil) bullets/loads for plinking in a 2" .38 special gun besides the 148 grain HBWC; and then to compare the best non-WC load to the HBWC. Why? Just because I'm curious, that's all.

Robert, the Speer folks still make their lead HBWC. Now they use a "dry lube" which keeps the wax off your fingers.

As to HBWC loaded with the hollow base out, that is something I've read about also, including when Paco Kelly loaded some for his wife who shot a rabid dog/coyote in W. Virginia. But I'm not including these in my quest.

Thanks for your replies. I'll provide some data when I have it.

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