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Tired of LEE junk!

My Auto-Prime broke tonight. The connecting rod broke off on the smaller diameter end. I went to Bass Pro to get a RCBS hand Primer and they were out. So I returned my whole kit and got a new one. I almost stepped up to a Partner press kit but it would be antoher $150 by the time I had to also buy a powder measure and that doesn't fit my shootin/reloading budget my wife set for me. I brought home my new Lee kit and the Auto-Prime is already starting to get "STICKY". I went to start throwing charges and I can't get the scale to calibrate to even know if the powder measure is throwing accurate charges. The powder measure seems smoother but that coulsd be a bad thing. I guess tomorrow I'll have to get a good scale and be in debt to my budget.

What is a good scale at a good price? Should I stick with RCBS or is the Lyman decent?
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