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Bic wrote:

Comments like in your opinion is a stupid move.
Would you mind trying that in english.....friend?

And I am just saying and yes it is my opinion, (although alot of people in the self defense world reguard it as common sense) that racking a shotgun or a pistol in the dead of night, in a home invation situation, only alerts the BG to your armed presence. You have immediately lost your element of surprise. If I were BG, and didn't see you, but heard that sound, it would put me on high alert, and FORCE me to act violently and kill you, even if it weren't my first intention, because now I know, you have a gun, and will no doubt shoot me.

Now because of your movie shotgun rack and scare the BG, I know you are armed, and with what, and I know your approximate location. I'll wait for you. You come on out in the dark to me......friend....
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