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The concept of SSV is often taught to those who may have to become involved in altercations in their employment.

As I recall, those elements are: Surprize, . . . Strength, . . . and Violence of Action.

Racking an 870, a 1911, or pulling back the hammer on a Colt .45 and spinning the cylinder would just throw the first element out.

To me, it is kinda like stepping up to bat, with one strike already levied against you.

If the bg has real good hearing, . . . he may hear the sound of my 1911 safety going off, . . . then again, his first indication may be my 1911 going off.

I really do not ever want to have to go through all the legal mumbo jumbo of proving it to be a legal "shoot", . . . but I want to preserve all the odds of my coming out as the one tried by 12, rather than the one carried by 6.

That is also why I shoot my 1911, . . . clean it (if it needs it), . . . load it, . . . and the next logical step is again the beginning: shoot it. I put it in my holster, in my pants, in my coat, in my truck, in my car, in my safe, on my nightstand, . . . loaded until it is shot. Just the way I do things.

One thing for sure about that system, . . . don't never have to ask the question: Is it loaded?

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