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I've loaded plenty of wadcutters with sucess. And I will be including wadcutters in my work, mostly as a standard to compare the others. But I'm starting out with plated 125 g FP because they are relatively cheap for the non-caster (me), and there is little data on them — plenty of data on jacketed 125 grain bullets, of course.

What I'm working on is not a common thing, I'm afraid. I wish it were otherwise, and I'd have my answer from others' experiences. I'm trying to see if the 125 g plated FP is worth using in a plinking situation in a 2" .38 revolver.

I'm prepared to discover that they are less than ideal. Maybe, I'll give a look at 158 g FP after . . . wherever this takes me is fine.

You see, I haven't yet encountered any writing on the subject of decent plinking loads for 2" guns (except for the standard 148 g HBWC that's been well documented).

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