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In a "former life" I was a toolmaker, and tool & die shop owner. I just checked some 200 grain XTP's I have on hand with "jo blocks". The body all but one from a sample of 25 of these bullets, from lot #99-135, passed through a "stack" 0.4514" (inside the jaws), and failed to pass at 0.4512".

Sorry about the age of these bullets, in handguns, I shoot cast bullets almost exclusively; my inventory of "yellow" bullets is limited.

I don't recommend "trusting" measurements made using dial calipers, even the very best (like those made by Etalon), for critical applications... though there are, realistically, few applications that the ordinary shooter will encounter in handloading where a high degree of accuracy is needed. Used correctly, even micrometers of relatively modest quality are are capable of much more accurate measurements.

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