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Thanks for info

Appreciate the info. I may breakdown and buy that book. I already have a very substantial library of firearms reference works so one more will not matter. I did find a copy of a Remington catalogue from 1902 that is around
50 pages long and like the old Winchester catalogues has some fairly detailed info on the firearms listed. I ordered it off of ebay and hopefully when it arrives it will have some useful info.
My main question re: the '89 was if it was normal for the extractor to only extend when the hammers are cocked. Also wondered what the small piece that protrudes from what I'll call the lefthand "knuckle" of the hinge area. It moves in and out as the action is opened and closed parallel with the locking piece. Hope my description makes some sense. Wish I knew the correct terminology.
Re: loads for this piece, I will only load with light blackpowder (or sub) loads with light buck loads for smoke and noise making purposes. I have an old Winchester '87 that I load light 10ga brass loads for. I love shooting the old pieces. I shoot all of my originals such as my Spencer, Sharps, '61 Springfield, '60 Colt,
Vetterli, Martini, Snider, '73 Winchesters, '73 Ainsworth Cavalry Colt SAA, etc.
Don't want 'em if I can't shoot 'em, but sure don't want to lose any "parts".
Thanks again and I'll let you all know how the old catalogue works out, Greg
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