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There are some ranges that allow rapid fire, and I do believe it serves a purpose. When I go to the range with my pistol, I practice rapid fire drills (2 rounds in 2 mags, shoot rapid double tap at short range, reload, and shoot another double tap). I believe it's a good way to practice a reload, and get back onto the target, and accuratly shoot again. Slow fire might be good for accuracy shooters, but not defense shooting. I won't go to ranges that wont let me rapid fire, because I can already shoot well slowly. Im not just "hosing a target." Sometimes I do run through a magazine rather fast, but at 7 meters, I shoot a ragged hole, and each round is aimed. Engaging an attacker at 7 meters who is intent on injuring/killing you is to deliver fast, accurate shots. The only way to be able to do that, is to practice it. Now, I know a pistol isn't a FA gun, but I find those kind of rules to be annoying. Anyhow, why are you going to a range if you dont want to hear gunfire?
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