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You ever wonder how you just KNOW something sometimes? Well, when I saw the thread on the menu, before I even looked over to see how many replies there were, I thought, "naw, won't be one of two replies on this one, this is BIG!" How can something so simple as cleaning a piece of brass generate so much response? Well, I'll throw my two cents worth in, too. Ocassionally I'll pick up range brass, dirty, nasty, range brass - alot of it, or I wouldn't bother. If it's really dirty, I'll mix half and half hot water and white vinegar in a large plastic jar, give a good squirt of Dawn, and a couple tablespoons of salt. Give it a hearty sloshing around, let sit for awhile, agitate again, and then rinse with HOT water until all the suds go away. Reuse the mix if you have more brass to clean. After it's dry, throw it in the tumbler to shine it up, and it's ready to go. Sounds like a lot of work, but I'm never at a loss for 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp, or a few other sizes. Most of it will be used one time in the woods or down by the river - fire and forget, lost forever. Nothing like 'free' brass to go along with 'free' home cast boolits. A penny for primer, a penny for powder, and away we go. sundog
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