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Depends how dirty the brass is, but here's my general cleaning/prepping procedure.. I only load .45 acp

1- Dump dirty brass straight from the range into big bucket of hot water and dishwashing liquid soap. Let sit for a while (10-15 minutes), shake it around in there, get the grit and mud off.
2- Rinse and few times, until water pretty much runs clean.
3- Airdry brass untill completely dry. Some folks put their brass on a cookie sheet and place in oven. My wife would kill me if I did this.
4- Dump brass is tumbler, 100% walnut media with Frankford Arsenal Polish, tumble for 1-2 hours, depends how I feel (I've done overnight tumble runs, like 12-15 hours, but I can't tell the difference in how the brass looks).
5- Separate media, lube brass, and start loading...
6- Usually tumble for 20-30 minutes after the bullets are loaded, they come out real nice and clean looking.

I never deprime/resize first and then tumble, what's the point of running dirty brass thru your dies????
Plus, I don't want junk in the flash holes anyways, but that's just me...
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