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P-3AT / P-32 Owners: Beware Of Counterfeit P-sights!


We have recently discovered cheap imitation sights sometimes being sold on Ebay and at gun shows in Pennsylvania. Performance Shooting Enhancements is the only manufacturer, distributor, and patent holder of the P-Sight, and retains exclusive rights to all description, title, instructions, and photographs. We do not have established dealers anywhere yet stocking the P-Sight, so anyone other than PS Enhancements who sells a sight labeled "P-Sight," portrays themselves as an authorized P-Sight dealer, or distributes our copyrighted materials, is a fraud. If you have been defrauded by one of these unscrupulous sellers, please email [email protected] to let us know.

11/2004: An Ebay seller initially passed off their crudely-made copies as genuine P-Sights, and even illegally used our copyrighted product name, text, and photographs! Ebay was notified of this copyright infringement, as were our attorneys. Ebay shut them down, but they sometimes still show up, with the same inferior product. They do not include adhesive, and their sight is far too high with straight edges, thus posing a severe snag hazard. This could prove fatal in a self-defense situation! One of our P-Sight customers aptly named it the "Snag-O-Matic."

2/18/2005: We received an email from a police officer in Pennsylvania who purchased two of what were labeled "P-Sights" at a recent Philadelphia gun show. Both sights fell off soon afterwards, and he emailed us for support, only to learn he'd been sold counterfeit goods! Needless to say, he is not happy.

The seller at the gun show sold his fraudulently labeled counterfeit sights without providing a receipt, and accompanied by our own copyrighted instructions.

If you spot anyone at a Pennsylvania gun show or elsewhere selling a sight for the Kel-Tec P-3AT or P-32 which purports to be a P-Sight, please email [email protected] to let us know who they are.

The P-Sight is a patent pending and copyrighted product. If someone wants to sell it legally, we have wholesale pricing available. However, we will continue to vigorously pursue those who are stealing our intellectual property and selling counterfeit copies.

I did not put all the work, expense, and effort into the development of the P-Sight and its instructions only to have it stolen by those without the ability to come up with an idea of their own. It disgusts me that someone has profited from doing so. Any help you can give in stopping this piracy will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.
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